Biomass Heating Site Recognition Program

Is your biomass heating system “out of sight, out of mind”?

Showcase your clients and their biomass heating installations with BTEC’s professionally-designed plaque.

BTEC plaque in reception areaConsumers are increasingly demanding that more of their energy comes from renewable and sustainable sources. However, biomass heating systems often lack the visibility of wind and solar systems. The Biomass Green Heat Registered Site plaque proudly announces a biomass heating system even when the system itself is tucked away in a boiler or maintenance room.

The plaque can be displayed in your client’s reception area, board room, or on a display shelf, highlighting their commitment to your system and locally sourced energy.

Maximized for public display, this plaque not only draws attention to the system’s renewable and local economic benefits, but also registers the system in an online catalog open to potential customers. Expand awareness of your company’s products and proudly display your advanced biomass thermal systems through this registry today!


BTEC plaque

  • 13″ wide by 9″ high, beveled acrylic
  • routed to hang flat, or you may order an optional easel back for display on a shelf
  • $99 for BTEC Members/$159 for non-members
  • each plaque is customizable with your company’s name
  • allow up to 14 business days for delivery


How to Order

    1. Review the eligibility requirements (right).
    2. Order online at (or click the “Begin to Order” image below).
    3. Enter the requested information for each registered biomass heating system at to be displayed in the BTEC online catalog.

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Is My System Eligible?

To meet the requirements for Biomass Green Heat Registered Site, you must:

  • Meet at least 25% of the facility’s annual heating needs (MMBtu basis) with your biomass heating system
  • Utilize biomass fuel resources including woody and non-woody feedstocks (wood chips, wood pellets, grasses, etc.) in accordance with local, state, and federal laws (municipal solid waste is an ineligible fuel)
  • Be either the system owner, equipment vendor, project developer, or facility owner
  • Register your site through our online form:

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