BTEC Western Working Group

BTEC’s membership stretches all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The western region has a unique biomass profile in terms of species and large number of federally owned forests. In addition it faces threats from wild fire and invasive species that biomass thermal energy can play a large role in mitigating. An official BTEC working western states regional network has not been formed, but we are currently soliciting volunteers to inaugurate one. Reach out to BTEC Board member Marcus Kauffman of the Oregon Department of Forestry, to get involved with BTEC’s initiatives and projects in the West.


  • Policy and regulatory advocacy at the local, state, and regional levels
  • Development, promotion, and distribution of providing energy in the West
  • Outreach to allied groups and organizations to expand network of biomass thermal advocates in the West
  • Identification and prioritization of key policy, regulatory and public relations issues facing the biomass thermal industry
  • Conduct research to provide information and data collection to assist/influence policy makers, regulators, and even future customers.
  • Coordination of advocacy to federal delegations on key issues in Washington
  • “Best ideas” sharing across region
  • News, industry, conference, and grant opportunity updates for the region

Take Action

  • Our efforts are a work in progress. We welcome your help, feedback, criticism and ideas.
  • Contact us to provide feedback, criticism, and ideas to improve this vision
  • Join BTEC and one of our various working groups to gain support, advancements, and experiences in the industry.
  • Share the vision with anyone who may be interested. Invite their feedback.
  • Join and financially support BTEC or any of the organizations that have presented these efforts.
  • Raise these issues with your governor, state and federal officials, and state legislators.

BTEC Sustaining Members