BTEC mid-Atlantic Working Group

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The mid-Atlantic region has a compelling mixture of forest and agricultural resources as well as engineering expertise stemming from the region’s rich industrial history. BTEC is working in collaboration with PBEA (Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association) to develop a biomass infrastructure and a united voice for the region. Contact BTEC Board member Paul Lewandowski of AFS Energy Systems Inc., to get involved with BTEC and PBEA in this region.


  • Policy and regulatory advocacy at the local, state, and regional levels
  • Development, promotion, and distribution of providing energy in the Mid-Atlantic with our Renewable Biomass 2025 Vision
  • Outreach to allied groups and organizations to expand network of biomass thermal advocates in the Mid-Atlantic
  • Identification and prioritization of key policy, regulatory and public relations issues facing the biomass thermal industry
  • Conduct research to provide information and data collection to assist/influence policy makers, regulators, and even future customers.
  • Coordination of advocacy to federal delegations on key issues in Washington
  • “Best ideas” sharing across region
  • News, industry, conference, and grant opportunity updates for the region

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