Founding Members

Sustaining Members

The following members are recognized as Sustaining Members due to their generous financial contributions beyond the required membership dues. All Sustaining Members have contributed at least $12,500 in support of BTEC’s mission.

Bear Mountain Forest Products –
Forest Energy Corporation –
New England Wood Pellet –
Central Boiler –

The following members are recognized as Founding Members due to their support of the development of BTEC in its inaugural year, 2009.

Abundant Power
ACT Bioenergy
Advanced Alternative Energy Corp.
Agrosil Energy
Alliance for Green Heat
Alterna Biocarbon
Alternative Heating of North America
American Agricultural Movement
American Biomass
American Wood Fibers
Bear Mountain Forest Products
Biomass Commodities Corporation
Biomass Energy Resource Center
Biomass Energy Works
Bio-Mizer Products
Biowood Energy
Carbon Solutions Group
Central Garden & Pet / Pennington Seed
Chip Energy
Clean Power Development
Comact Equipment
Control Labs
Corinth Wood Pellet
Cousineau Forest Products
Energex Corporation
EnTec Works
Enviva Materials
Ernst Biomass
Ewing Bemiss & Co.
Forest Energy Corporation
Froling Energy
Fröling GmbH
The Gavilon Group
Innovative Natural Resource Solutions
Integrated Biomass Resources
International Renewable Energy Technology Institute
International Silica Technologies
International WoodFuels
Lignetics of Virginia
Maine Energy Systems
Maine Pellet Fuels Association
Montana Community Development Corporation
National Network of Forest Practitioners
New England Wood Pellet
New Horizon
Northeast Mill Services
Ontario Sawdust Supplies
Paraclete Bioenergy
Piney Woods Pellets
Price BIOStock
Proe Power Systems
Public Policy Virginia
Rainforest Alliance
Ray Albrecht/The Fulton Companies
Sandri Companies
Santa Energy Corporation
Skanden Energy
Southland Bio Energy
State of Montana Dept of Natural Resources & Conservation
State University of New York
Tarm Biomass
Twin Ports Testing
Vapor Locomotive Company
Vermont Wood Pellet
West Oregon Wood Products
Western Ag Enterprises
Zilkha Biomass Energy

BTEC sustaining members