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National Bioenergy Day 2015 - October 21, 2015

Bioenergy does not often receive the recognition it deserves by keeping forests healthy and generating renewable energy. The Third Annual National Bioenergy Day is an opportunity to showcase bioenergy facilities and the bioenergy supply chain around the United States.

National Bioenergy Day is a nationwide day of advocacy for all kinds of heat and power generated by woody biomass and agricultural waste, from large-scale utilities to home heating stoves. Taking place on Wednesday, October 21, it will be an event uniting all aspects of the bioenergy supply chain, including foresters, landowners, manufacturers, power producers and consumers.

Last year’s National Bioenergy Day yielded 50+ events around the country. We want to continue to grow National Bioenergy Day, and therefore BTEC is encouraging all bioenergy facilities owners to hold open houses or other events on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

What you can do:

  • Create a facility tour or "open house event" for legislators or the public
  • Invite community leaders and local decision makers
  • Host school trips and educate them about renewable local energy
  • Reach out to local media and communicate your contribution to the regional economy

How BTEC and the organizers of National Bioenergy Day will support you:

  • Coordinated media activities before and on National Bioenergy Day
  • Featuring your facility tour/open house on a national website
  • Provide you with media alert templates and press release template to increase your visibility
  • "How to" facility tour guide to plan your site tour and activities for the public (see "How To" Tour Guide in the right column)
  • Template letters to invite your representative to the tour (see "How To" Tour Guide to the right)
  • "Mythbuster" document addressing some common public misconceptions about bioenergy (see document in the right column)

Start developing your own tour today by signing up your facility >>!

More information at



Sign up Sheet

"Why Participate?" Flyer

"How To" Facility Tour Guide

Responding to Bioenergy Myths

Responding to bio-energy misconceptions document


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