U.S.-China Bioenergy Reception

December 12, 2010
BTEC co-hosts first U.S. – China Bioenergy Reception
Chinese bioenergy leaders learn from U.S. colleagues

On December 3, 2010, Technology Transition Corporation (TTC), the management company of BTEC, hosted its first, highly successful U.S.-China Bioenergy Reception in its Washington D.C. office. TTC’s President and BTEC Senior Advisor, Jeffrey Serfass, welcomed the Biomass Program Manager of the Department of Energy (DOE), Paul Bryan, as well as Qun Liu, Division Director at the Chinese National Energy Administration and introduced them to the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and the American Biogas Council.

Paul Bryan, Qun Liu and Jeff Serfass


DOE invited TTC to host this event due to TTC’s role in the renewable energy industry, specifically in biomass, and strong connections to key government agencies. Kyle Gibeault, Executive Director of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and Patrick Serfass, Advisor to the American Biogas Council, outlined the work of their associations and introduced attending industry members and affiliates to the attendees.

Representatives of the Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of State and numerous national laboratories engaged with more than a dozen attending industry members, including American Wood Fibers, Shell, Element Markets, Taylor Biomass and Lahmeyer International, who were able to introduce their respective company to all attendees.

Stephen Faehner of American Wood Fibers connects with Yang Yuanyi of Sinopec


The Chinese delegation of more than 30 energy officials from Sinopec, Cofco, Petrochina, Zte Energy, Henan Tianguan, national labs and research centers has been on a tour with the Department of Energy over the course of one week, visiting bioenergy sites and plants in the U.S.

Attendees were able to briefly introduce their company during the event

Both bioenergy associations found numerous opportunities to follow-up with DOE, e.g. on an upcoming RFI on the direction of DOE’s Biomass program. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from attendees, and BTEC continues to facilitate opportunities such as this to increase the benefits for its members.

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