2018 BTEC Board Election Results

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) conducted its 2018 Board of Directors election from November to December. Dan Wilson (Wilson Engineering Services) and John Ackerly (Alliance for Green Heat) were re-elected. Three new directors will also join the Board in 2019: Adam Sherman (Biomass Energy Resource Center); Jeremy Mortl (Messersmith Manufacturing); and Kris Loomis (Ehrhart Energy).

John Ackerly, President, Alliance for Green Heat

President John oversees the group’s policies and programs and partnerships with other stakeholders in the residential renewable energy and energy efficiency community. He has 25 years of experience in advocacy and non-profit management with the International Campaign for Tibet, Public Citizen and the Center for Constitutional Rights. He earned a BA from Dartmouth College and a JD at the Washington College of Law and practiced civil rights law with a firm in Mississippi. John serves on several boards of directors, including the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and the Advisory Board of the Maryland Clean Energy Center. He is a certified by the National Fireplace Institute as a pellet stove technician. He lives in Maryland and heats his home with 2 cords of very dry wood.

Kris Loomis, Territory Manager, Ehrhart Energy

Kris Loomis is the Territory Manager at Ehrhart Enrgy and is responsible for prospecting and soliciting of new business as well as retaining core customers currently enjoying a relationship with Ehrhart Energy. He designs strategic and tactical plans to achieve monthly sales goals, prepares and presents sales proposals to prospective customers

Since 2014, Kris has become embedded in the community and affected industries who apply Ehrhart Energy’s products to their business and ensures their satisfaction and safety.

Jeremy Mortl, Owner, Messersmith Manufacturing

Jeremy Mortl is the President of Messersmith Manufacturing Inc. based out of Bark River, MI. Messersmith has a 35 year history in the biomass thermal industry providing biomass boiler systems to customers in both public and private sectors across the U.S. and in Canada. Jeremy has been involved in engineering and business development for Messersmith for the past 6 years and has been an owner since 2016. Prior to Messersmith, Jeremy attended Michigan Tech University for Mechanical Engineering and worked in the automotive industry for 9 years as a vehicle calibration and test engineer.

Adam Sherman, Manager, Biomass Energy Resource Center at VEIC

Adam Sherman is a Manager of the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) housed at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC). Adam has more than 15 years of experience in the wood heat sector and has directed BERC’s technology and wood fuel supply activities for over twelve years. His work focuses on wood energy program design and delivery for various state and federal government agencies and technical consulting services for assessing wood fuels and energy project feasibility. Adam consults frequently for institutions and communities exploring the feasibility of district heating throughout North America.

Adam is frequent speaker at national and international energy conferences and is widely recognized as an expert in the field of advanced wood heating. He serves on the Advisory Board for the Alliance of Green Heat, as the Chairman of the Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group (NEBTWG) and also serves on the Editorial Board of Biomass Magazine.

Dan Wilson, Vice President, Wilson Engineering Services

Dan is a Vice President at Wilson Engineering Services, PC (WES). WES is a full service engineering firm operating in the energy and environmental sectors. Dan has overseen WES’s role in over fifty (50) biomass thermal and combined heat and power projects. WES’s role in these projects has included concept development, design, permitting, and construction management. Dan is a professional engineer and has a BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Penn State and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins.