House and Senate Pass Farm Bills, Negotiations to Begin After Independence Day Recess

On June 21, the House passed their version of the Farm Bill, which included improvements to the Community Wood Energy and Wood Innovations Program. The new language in the House Farm Bill expands the program from $5 million per year to $25 million per year.

Meanwhile, the Senate passed its bipartisan version of the Farm Bill yesterday, but it did not include the Community Wood Energy and Wood Innovations Program improvements BTEC sought.

Both versions of the Farm Bill will now go to Conference Committee, which will eventually result in a final bill. With the House version including the CWEIP improvement and the S.2790 Community Wood Innovations Act still in the Senate, BTEC is in a good position to get the CWEIP improvements included in the final bill. The House and Senate bills have major differences in addressing the food stamps program, which will be the focal point of negotiations.