Biggs Amendment Defeated, House Fails to Pass Farm Bill

On May 18, the House voted on amendments to the 2018 Farm Bill, including an Amendment from Representative Biggs that would have eliminated all Energy Title programs, including the Community Wood Energy and Wood Innovations Program. BTEC and many other energy industry associations opposed the Biggs Amendment and it was defeated on a 74-340 vote. Review the results of the vote here >>

Later that day, however, the House voted on the 2018 Farm Bill and it did not pass due to issues related to immigration and the food stamps program.

With the Biggs Amendment firmly rejected by the House and BTEC’s success in inserting language to expand the Community Wood Energy and Wood Innovations Program to $25M per year for 5 years in the Agriculture Committee’s original mark, BTEC is in good standing to expand the program.

BTEC will continue to monitor the next steps after the failed vote of the Farm Bill. The Senate Agriculture Committee is expected to release its version of the Farm Bill in the coming weeks.