BTEC Submits Wood Innovation Grant Proposal to USFS

On January 22, BTEC submitted a proposal to the U.S. Forest Service Wood Innovation Grant. BTEC’s $250,000 proposal aims to reduce the barriers to wood energy adoption and utilization by building bridges and mainstreaming wood energy technologies in the engineering, HVAC and high-performance building sectors. BTEC’s proposal outlined a number of projects that would accomplish this goal, including:

  1. Build Acceptance in the Engineering, HVAC, and Building Community by working with ASHRAE, DOE’s Better Buildings Alliance, and the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certification
  2. Implementation of a Biomass/CHP/District Heating Student Design Contest
  3. Produce Case Studies on Wood Energy Cooling, Process Heat, and District Heating
  4. Develop Regional Wood Energy Infrastructure in the South and West.

If you have questions on the components of BTEC’s proposal, contact David Bancroft >>

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