2017 BTEC Board of Directors Election Results

The BTEC Board of Directors and Staff thanks the BTEC membership for participating in the competitive 2017 BTEC Board of Directors Election. This year’s election featured three highly qualified candidates to fill two board seats. The BTEC membership has elected Kelli Curran Ramsay of Curran Renewable Energy and Bede Wellford of Viessmann Manufacturing Company, Inc.

During the December 14 Board of Directors meeting, the Board passed a motion to expand the Board by one seat and fill it the newly vacant seat with Maura Adams of Northern Forest Center. BTEC is pleased to announce the addition of Kelli Curran Ramsay and Maura Adams, as well as the re-election of Bede Wellford, to the BTEC Board of Directors!

Kelli Curran Ramsay, Curran Renewable Energy

Kelli is the Marketing Manager at Curran Renewable Energy, LLC, which is a family run wood pellet manufacturer located in Massena, NY. Its sister logging company, also located in Massena, is Seaway Timber Harvesting, Inc. Kelli has been at Curran Renewable Energy since its opening in 2009. During that time,she has seen the ups and downs of the timber and biomass markets in New York and across the country. Her job is to educate people of the advantages of using locally sourced wood fuel. “There is an abundance of woody biomass available in our area. With proper, sustainable land management practice we can create jobs and support our local and domestic economies. I firmly believe we are at a breaking point where policy and legislation are the key to growing the biomass sector. Many in my generation look at renewable energy as the future. I hope to help bring it there,” Kelli said.

Bede Wellford, Viessmann Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Bede joined the HVAC industry in 1983 specializing in ventilation, energy recovery, building science and indoor air quality. He has extensive experience in codes and standards development, and is a recipient of the ARI (now AHRI) Schulze award for service to the industry. He has held a variety of positions, from Product Manager to Territory Manager to Vice President of Marketing. Bede has a passion for energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has conducted original research and has been a trainer in a variety of disciplines. From 1983 to 2005, he helped pioneer the energy recovery ventilation industry, spending 19 years with Airxchange and three years with Honeywell. In 2005, he joined Vital Technologies, Inc., leading product development and R+D activities in both dehumidification and pellet boilers. As the Viessmann Biomass representative for Northern New England, Bede sold and supported a number of commercial pellet and chip boilers. After serving as project manager for Northline Industries for two important Schmid biomass projects in Northern Maine, Bede has returned to Viessmann in his new capacity, responsible for biomass and commercial solar thermal development in the U.S.

Maura Adams, Northern Forest Center

Maura Adams is a program director for the Northern Forest Center, a non-profit organization that builds community and economic vitality while fostering sound forest stewardship across the Northern Forest of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Previously, Maura worked as a green building consultant and campus sustainability leader at St. Paul’s School, the Jordan Institute, and Harvard University. Maura has degrees from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and University of Wisconsin-Madison. She lives in Concord, NH with her husband.

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