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Many of BTEC's webinars are free due to a grant from the USDA Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC). This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Some webinars were held in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, the Alliance for Green Heat, and former BTEC member Carbonomics. Where noted, other webinars are accessible for a small administrative fee.

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2017 BTEC-Alliance for Green Heat Webinar Series

Thermoelectric Wood Stoves
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Archived 2016 Webinars Archived 2015 Webinars
Perspectives on Thermal Storage Biomass Residuals to Combined Heat and Power: An exploration of distributed generation technologies and experiences


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Archived 2014 Webinars

Biomass and the USDA's REAP Program - What you need to know for 2014 and 2015 Healthier Forests Through Sustainable Energy - A Project Debrief Biomass-Fueled CHP: A review of today's market and technology State of the States: Biomass Thermal Energy Policy Incentives 

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Energy Farmers: Agricultural and grass biomass supply chain considerations  Thermal Finance: Strategies for getting the biomass heat deal done  The Rise of the Automated Wood Stove: An inside look at the Collaborative Stove Design Workshop State of Play: An Update on Biomass Heat, Tax Policy, and Federal Regulations

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2013 Webinars
Biothermal Energy: Swimming in the A-B-C ACRONYM Soup of Acceptance
LEED and Biomass Thermal: How to Get Credits for Your Project
Where Does Biomass Energy Policy Stand?
BTEC Stakeholder Session #3 on CO Off-Gassing
Biomass Cooling 101 – Opportunities and Challenges of a Potential Gamechanger
Innovation and the NSPS - How can the EPA encourage innovative new technologies
Area & Major Source Biomass Boiler Update: BTEC Members-Only Session with EPA
BTEC Stakeholder Session #2 on CO Off-Gassing
Improving Biomass Heating System Efficiency

2012 Webinars
BTEC Stakeholder Session #1 on Pellet Off-Gassing
Biomass Thermal Project Finance
Accessing the USDA's Value-Added Producer Grant Webinar

2011 Webinars
Biomass Thermal Opportunities in Government Procurements
Biomass Thermal Market Outlook: 2012-2015
Advanced Technologies for Biomass Thermal Heating
Regional Developments - Midwestern Region
Regional Developments - Western Region
Regional Developments - The Northeast
Agricultural and Woody Biomass
Public Perceptions of Biomass Thermal Energy
Future of Residential Wood & Pellet Heat in America
Project Development and Finance
Successful Biomass Markets: Europe
Large-Scale Biomass and CHP
Biomass Energy Exports - Market Opportunities and Government Programs
Air Quality / Emissions
Legislation and Regulation

2010 Webinars
Residential Use of Biomass
Biomass Heating and CHP



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