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Be sure you've reviewed the eligibility requirements on the main program page before ordering. This form registers your biomass heating system site in an online catalog open to potential customers. Expand awareness of your company's products by registering your advanced biomass thermal systems today!

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Applicant's Information
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Site Information
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System Specifications
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Biomass Fuels      
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Secondary biomass fuel type:
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*Annual biomass fuel consumption:
Backup Fuel      
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Other Information    
*Percentage of facility's annual heating needs met with biomass:
*Type of Fossil Fuel Displaced
*Amount of fossil fuel displaced annually (include units):

Energy output type:

Combined heat and power (CHP)?
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CHP capacity (kW):


Number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) the project supports,
including maintenance, fuel delivery, etc.:
Has there ever been a case study on this facility?
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Year case study was performed:
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